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Readers' Letters

The Man
The article on Chuck Yeager was fabulous! (Yeager-The Best There Ever Was) Let's give 10 percent credit to the author and 90 percent credit to the daring experiences of the man in focus. With that kind of material how could any writer go wrong? There ought to be a movie! Keep up the great work.
Bert E. McCormick
Williamsburg, VA

Editor's Note: I agree 100 percent.

Photo essay stirs memories
As are many of your readers, I was born and raised in Huntington. I spent the happiest years of my life in that town and always miss it. I can always find an article in your magazine that relates to that period in my life. I worked at the Keith-Albee Theatre during the late 70s so David Fattaleh's photograph (Virtual Huntington) of the majestic theatre definately took me back. I look forward to having my memory jarred again with the next issue.
Pamela (Fleck) Willison
Louisville, KY

Huntington Quarterly Online
I am glad I found HQ. I was born and raised in Huntington and graduated from Huntington East High School in 1983. I have always loved Huntington. Your magazine captures Huntington in its prime, and helps people outside the area keep up with what's going on. I don't know if you've ever received a letter from further than England, but I'd bet you haven't received a letter from out to sea. I am currently in the United States Navy stationed on the U.S.S. Mount Whitney, about 50 miles off the coast of Portsmouth, England. Modern technology allows us to utilize the Internet from sea. It is refreshing to surf the Web and come across a piece of home.
Chris Wise
U.S.S. Mount Whitney

WVU fan on MU courtesy

A friend and I (both WVU fans) drove up from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to attend the Marshall-WVU game. We had lousy seats and decided to take a chance and park ourselves in two seats amidst all the Marshall fans, knowing full well if the ticket holders showed up we would have to move. I was dressed in blue and gold when the real ticket holder showed up. But despite the fact that we were cheering for opposing teams, this gentleman said he had two extra tickets and that I was welcome to have them. Even though I witnessed scalpers asking over $100 for a ticket prior to the game, this SAINT in green and white gave a WVU fan two free tickets in the MU section. Needless to say I was very moved and grateful. The Marshall fans in my section were very courteous. This goes to show that despite the intense spirit of competition between the two schools, we are all West Virginians at heart. I thank the Marshall fans and the good people of Huntington from the bottom of my heart.
Jim Wood
Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Publication is first class

I recently read your Huntington Quarterly magazine for the first time. The format was elegant. The magazine was informative, pleasant, entertaining and innovative. It is a first class publication that can compete with the best in the nation. Keep up the outstanding work.
Jose I. Ricard, M.D.
Huntington, W.Va.

Magazine reminds me of time spent in Huntington

What a wonderful surprise it was when I glanced in my office mailbox to find a gift subscription to the Huntington Quarterly from my sister in Ceredo. I had no idea such a magazine even existed. Once I opened the magazine I found myself longing to be back on the beautiful banks of the Ohio River surrounded by the peace and serenity of Huntington, West Virginia.

After graduating from Marshall University in 1987 and now working in Washington, D.C., I guess I never found the time to sit back and review the community that was so warm and caring during my four years in college there. Huntington truly offers something that no other large community does, a feeling that you are always welcome no matter where you are from. For that I am extremely happy. Ah, yes, Huntington is alive and well. Thank you for taking me away from the rush of Washington for a moment, and reminding me of that fact.
Kurt Branham
Washington, D.C.

Hurray for Huntington Quarterly's positive approach

Yesterday I received two copies of the Huntington Quarterly magazine. Most of my mail from Huntington points to a grim outlook for the city economically. But this new magazine, Huntington Quarterly, is far more optimistic. I liked that attitude. They said, and I quote, "Huntington is a diamond in the rough - awaiting to be polished and discovered."
Mrs. Viola Mengle
Timonium, Md.

You can go home again with Huntington Quarterly

Who says "You can't go home again?" I spent a pleasant evening visiting Huntington through your beautiful magazine, hanging on to every word even the advertising.
As an active 50-year resident of Huntington, now living out of state, I know all the people in the articles and those placing ads. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my visit.
Jewell K. Thurston
W. Melbourne, Fla.

Former resident yearns for the "good ol' days"

Being a native Huntingtonian, I am truly thrilled at the thought of being able to subscribe to a publication which will keep me abreast of my place!
Friends of ours from Illinois sent us your last issue - West Virginians stick together and always manage to find each other. With all that is happening in the world today, I sometimes yearn for the "good ol' days" in Huntington: Camden Park, Wiggins and my first stop right off the plane - Stewart's Hot Dog Stand. And, of course, my park Ritter! Go for it Huntington!!
Nancy McIntyre Henderson
Sulsbury, Mass.

Huntington Quarterly is "a little bit of home"

I want to write and let you know how very much I enjoy the Huntington Quarterly. I left Huntington after graduating from Marshall University. If West Virginia is "a little bit of heaven," the Huntington Quarterly is "a little bit of home." The article on the Keith-Albee Theatre took me back more than fifty years ago to the Saturday afternoon matinees. I remember thinking, as a young boy, that the Keith-Albee was the most fantastic place anywhere. The article brought back many fond memories.
Gary Watson
Louisville, Ky.

Magazine affirms our impressions of unique city

I am writing to compliment you on your wonderful magazine. The photography, advertising, articles and paper quality are all outstanding.
My husband, a professor at Marshall University, and I have recently moved to the Huntington area from Richmond, Va. Your magazine has helped us affirm many of our impressions of this unique community. Thank you for creating such a fine publication.
Dorothy Barenklau
Ona, W.Va.

"They did it again"

As I finish reading each issue of the Huntington Quarterly magazine, me-thinks: "How can they top this edition?" But they did it again! I loved the recent issue, especially the story of Marshall Reynold's climb to success. Good reading!
Viola Mengle
Timonium, Md.

Magazine appreciated by the out-of-towners

I wanted to let you know that your publication is greatly appreciated by those of us who have moved away from Huntington. The articles and fine photography of the city's many historic sites are first class. Although I keep in touch with my family regularly, I always look forward to your publication to keep me informed. I am sure there are many people like myself who have moved away and look forward to each issue.
Charles A. Jambee, II
Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Photography by David E. Fattaleh is superb

I wanted to thank your photographer, Mr. David E. Fattaleh, for making the Huntington Quarterly the beautiful magazine that it is. The photography is always superb! I believe the Huntington Quarterly magazine is a truly great asset to the image of Huntington and the entire state of West Virginia.
Richard Beckett
Clearwater, Fla.

Hoping HQ will go monthly someday

I don't know how you do it, but every issue you publish is better than the one before. I really look forward to each new issue. Hopefully, you will someday be able to publish it bi-monthly or even monthly. It is one of the best communication devices that we have to give perspective physicians concerning the Huntington area.
J. Thomas Jones, CEO
St. Mary's Hospital

It's all top of the line

I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous story about the Huntington Area Habitat for Humanity that you included in your Autumn 1991 issue. It was wonderfully written and conveyed the true essence and spirit of our organization. To me, the article proves that the Huntington Quarterly magazine cares about all of Huntington, and not just the elite of the city.
Your Autumn 1991 issue, I think, is the best yet. I loved the article on Mark McVey, St. Mary's Hospital, and Marshall's new stadium. And the "From the Editor" column was particularly well-written.
Again, you're doing a great job. From the story selection, to the writing, to David Fattaleh's captivating photography, to the Chapman Printing Company's quality printing, it's all top of the line.
Doug Sheils, vice president
Huntington Habitat for Humanity

Keeping in touch

You and your staff do an incredible job of producing Huntington Quarterly! Cover to cover, word after word, it is truly a pleasure to receive every issue and read all your good, positive, success stories of "home." I have especially enjoyed your articles on Mark McVey, Marc Jacobson, Heiner's Bakery, Ritter Park and the new stadium at Marshall. Since leaving Huntington five years ago it appears a lot has changed. Thank you for keeping me up to date and in touch. The quality and professionalism of HQ and your staff are to be applauded. Congratulation on a job very well done.
Lindsay Bunting
Hilton Head, SC

Better with each issue

I have just had an opportunity to review the Spring Edition of Huntington Quarterly and want to compliment you. As I have remarked in the past, HQ seems to get better with each issue. I am always impressed by the magazine's beauty. It reflects very positively on Huntington.
Gaston Caperton

Former resident knocked out

I have just seen my first copy of the Huntington Quarterly and I am absolutely knocked out. I never imagined anything quite so elegant could ever emerge from my old hometown. I was born there in 1909, lived for awhile at 1305 Third Avenue and grew up at 1006 Ritter Park. Went a year to Marshall and then to art school in Chicago. I eventually landed a big job at the Chicago Tribune, and married old Charlie Love's youngest daughter. On to New York where I spent 25 years in magazine illustration and Madison Avenue art. I have lived here in the Virgin Islands for 28 years and paint nothing but the West Indies. With all that behind me, I don't know where I got the idea that my old hometown was standing still. Do then forgive my surprise and accept my congratulations on your excellent publication. Never more seriously,
Charles Hawes
U.S. Virgin Islands

No one can knock' city

Here is my renewal for your wonderful, excellent, superb, delightful Huntington Quarterly. Each issue exceeds my expectations and, since I have been a subscriber, my very favorite cover was the photograph of the snow scene in Ritter Park! The spring issue of your magazine and the editorial in which you discussed Huntington with your sister expressed my sentiment also. No one can ever "knock" Huntington in my presence. I am defensive of everything about it.
Helen Sindell Anderson
Wilmington, N.C.

Impressing Florida friends

HQ is great! The subjects and research of your articles are amazing. The photography, color, paper, printing, etc., are outstanding. We keep HQ on the coffee table in the living room to impress our Florida friends.
Jim Deveny
Venice, Fla.

Something hometown needs

Just want to tell you that when an issue of Huntington Quarterly arrives in our mail, we know we will be transported back to our hometown, and in the time it takes us to read every word on every page, we enjoy some of our happiest hours. This isn't a publication one skims through! This is a classy publication and is surely something our hometown needs, and you and your staff deserve loads of praise. I am so enthused about your magazine that I am making a gift of it to former Huntingtonians to introduce them to the delight and pleasure of reading about our former hometown. Huntington Quarterly is a jewel.
Cecelia M. Hudson
Fresno, Calif.

HQ continues to impress

Your Huntington Quarterly is magnificent. I devour it - even the advertisements. A fellow Huntingtonian has been sharing his copies with me, but now I must have my own. Sign me up.
Bert E. McCormick
Williamsburg, Va.

Insight of leaders unique

I just received my spring issue of the Huntington Quarterly and really enjoyed your interview about the future of the city with Marshall Reynolds and A. Michael Perry. Their insight was provocative, unique and particularly interesting, especially regarding making West Virginia more business friendly. I was born and raised in Huntington and attended Marshall in 1968 and found it necessary myself to relocate for employment. It is my view, as your interview highlights, that there is not enough of a business atmosphere to support a family or buy a house even though the living costs there are substantially lower than in California.
Huntington is a very beautiful city with its low crime rate and potential for growth in the future. Only through creative thought and action on the part of business leaders will the answers be provided. The resources are there, only to be tapped into and mined like a West Virginia coal field. In closing let me just say how much I appreciated HQ and look forward to receiving it. It helps me stay in touch with activities and people I have known such as Bill Campbell and Tom Way. Keep up the good work, you do a great job of publishing the magazine.
S. R. Burtless
Pasadena, Calif.

Anniversary congratulations

I just finished enjoying your Fifth Anniversary edition. The look, style and writing are all first rate. On behalf of the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce, I want to congratulate you on your entrepreneurial spirit. Obviously, your spirit has brought HQ from a dream to what has to be considered a treasure for the Huntington region. Your hard work has indeed paid off.
You have our best wishes for continued success!
Kenneth H. Busz, president
Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce

Positive changes downtown

I would like to commend the Huntington Quarterly on its exceptional article detailing the rebirth of downtown Huntington.
The article, written by Sara Wilkins with her usual flair, accurately described the positive changes occurring downtown regarding both appearance and activity. The article commended many engaged persons who have dedicated their time, energy, financial resources, and heart and soul to ensure that downtown Huntington becomes all we ever hope it can become. While these people are too numerous to mention here, we as a community should extend our gratitude for their efforts in making downtown Huntington a reflection of our heritage as a people.
Congratulations on a job well done! Also, congratulations to your staff for a consistently well-published periodical.
Bill Owings
Huntington, WV

HQ a breath of fresh air

Thank you very much for your fine magazine. It is always a pleasure. As a native of Southwestern West Virginia it is a breath of fresh air to read something positive about West Virginia and the people who live there especially for those of us who reside outside the area.
Jesse F. Perry, Jr.
Budapest, Hungary

I anticipate each new issue of the Huntington Quarterly to arrive in the mail and read it from cover to cover. Then, I pass it on to a friend who has grown very fond of the idea of visiting Huntington. Huntington Quarterly is the best way to keep up with the Huntington area, except for actually coming home when time permits for a visit.
Christina Boyd McComas
Knightsdale, NC

I have every issue of the Huntington Quarterly that has been printed and really enjoy reading it and seeing the pictures of the beautiful city where my husband and I were born and raised. Some people who have never been to West Virginia think of it as just a poverty-stricken coal mining state. It makes me proud to show my friends the Huntington Quarterly with pictures of the beautiful homes, churches, Marshall University, Ritter Park....I make sure they know that West Virginia has everything any other state has, except the crime.
Hubert & Margie Rice
Pompano Beach, Fla.

Thank you for such a professional publication. I was born and raised in Huntington but moved to Florida in 1987. Even though I've been away for nine years, Huntington is still home. I return home once a year just to realize that there are still good people left in the world. There is no place where the people are as nice and helpful. I believe Huntington will be THE place to move and raise kids. I have brought friends to Huntington and they have fallen in love with it. Your magazine shows the special atmosphere that the area has, which no other magazine has been able to accomplish.
Robert Bailey
Hollywood, Fla.

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