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The Best of Huntington

From hot dogs to homes, HQ publishes its first-ever list of the very best Huntington has to offer....

The idea of a “Best of Huntington” list isn’t new. You’ve seen the same type of article published in the local newspaper or in other city magazines around the country. But what makes our first-ever “Best of Huntington” list a little different from the rest are the categories we selected. Instead of going with the run of the mill lineup of Best Restaurant, Best Doctor, Best Lawyer, we decided to have a little fun. Whether searching for the city’s Best Shopping Carts or the restaurant with the Best Butter, our selections are just a little off beat. In addition, instead of asking our readers to vote on each category, we chose to go a different route to ensure that no one person or business stuffed the ballot box. Our winners were picked by the HQ staff after consulting various experts in the community and polling some of our local readers. Let’s see if you agree with our selections...

Carnegie Library

Best Old Building
Once praised as the most outstanding edifice of its day, the old Carnegie Library is still a gem.

Best Golf Hole
At 444 yards uphill, Guyan’s second hole is considered the most unique and challenging in the Tri-State region.

Captain Gary Johnson

Best Fireman
From his fitness regimen to his dedication on the job, peers say Captain Gary Johnson epitomizes what a fireman should be.

Best Margarita
From Chili Willi’s (the best Mexican Cantina in the area) comes the tastiest margarita.

Monty's Pizza

Best Pizza
Comedian Billy Crystal said Monty’s square-cut pizza was simpy “maaarvelous.” Our readers tend to agree.

Best Place For A First Date
Chef Rocco Muriale is sure to create a romantic evening for you and your date at his namesake eatery in Ceredo. Best Place For A First Date Chef Rocco Muriale is sure to create a romantic evening for you and your date at his namesake eatery in Ceredo.

Best Season
The vote here was nearly unanimous. Autumn, with its vibrant colors, is the best season of the year.

Best Hostess

Best Hostess
The editors and readers agree that Donna at Jim’s
has a special way of making you feel welcome.

Best Herd Fans

Best Herd Fans
Bart & Doris Andrews have hit all 48 states in their giant green and white motor home complete with a Thundering Herd mural. Go Herd!

Best Sunset

Best Sunset Scene
Harris Riverfront Park offers up some breathtaking views.

Best Place to Sled Ride
This was a tie between the hills of Ritter Park and Spring Valley Golf Course. Yippee!

Best Cheeseburger
While a lot of people picked Jim’s, Heritage Station and G.D. Ritzy’s, the eventual winner was Midway.

Huntington Skyline

Best View of Huntington
From several different vantage points in the hills above Chesapeake, you can glimpse a lovely view of the city.

Best Residential Street

Best Residential Street
It’s hard to beat stately North Boulevard with views of Ritter Park and Four Pole Creek.

Best Coca-Cola
Jim’s serves up the best Cokes in town because of their awesome ice and old-style soda fountain.

Best Business Street

Best Business Street
14th Street West, with its antique stores and turn of the century charm, was the clear cut winner.

Best Lawn

Best Lawn
Dan Egnor’s lush lawn on Washington Boulevard was vibrant even during the summer drought.

Best Fishing Hole
Even though it’s 40 minutes away, expert anglers say Yatesville Lake in Kentucky is well worth the trip.

Best Milkshake
There’s more to Benjy’s Harley Davidson than hogs. Their namesake cafe serves up the tastiest milkshake in town.

Mycroft's, the Best Bar

Best Bar
With a great location next to the MU stadium, exposed brick walls and a hand-carved wooden bar, Mycroft’s is the tops.

Best Old Home

Best Old Home
Inspired architecture, a pool and stunning views of the Ohio River all make the Sakhai home on Staunton Road the ultimate address.

Best Shopping Carts
Kroger’s on Fifth Avenue features spacious new shopping carts with smooth-riding wheels.

Best Bartender
Don Yater at Rocco’s Ristorante serves up “generous portions” of your favorite spirits.

Best Camden Park Ride
Readers said the nod had to go to the Big Dipper – one of the the oldest wooden roller coasters in the United States.

Best Hot Dog
This one was very close with Stewart’s edging out Midway, Sam’s and Frost Top.

Best Dessert
After weeks of painstaking research we concluded that Applebee’s White Chocolate & Walnut blondie takes the cake.

Huntington Police

Best Public Servants
Huntington boasts one of the lowest crime rates in America due to our stellar police department.

57 Chevy

Best Automobile
Don Graley’s fully restored candy-apple red ‘57 Chevy is the sweetest of rides.

Clint McElroy

Best Sense of Humor
WTCR morning co-host Clint McElroy has kept us in stitches for years.

Best Wine List
Savannah’s is one of only five restaurants in the state to earn the Wine Spectator’s prestigious “Award of Excellence.”

Ginger, The Best Canine

Best Canine
Ginger, an irresistible Teacup Chihuahua pup, weighs in ahead of the big dogs in town.

Best Stained Glass
Trinity Episcopal Church features exquisite work by Louis C. Tiffany and the famed Willet Glass studio.

Best New Home
Shrouded in secrecy, the Dunworth home near the museum is said to be “amazing.”

Best MU Game Ever
This one was a three-way tie: MU’s last second win over Xavier in 1971, the Herd’s National Championship in 1992, and the double overtime victory in the 2001 GMAC Bowl.

Best Atmosphere
Architectural antiques make dining at the Blackhawk Grille an evening to remember.

Adam Joseph

Best Smile
Most of the women we polled said WSAZ Meteorologist Adam Joseph was the man.

Memorial Arch

Best Landmark
The clean lines of the Memorial Arch reflects the solemn nature of is purpose.

Best Atmosphere
Architectural antiques make dining at the Blackhawk Grille an evening to remember.

Best Onion Rings
Our readers said the onion rings at Heritage Station were large and in charge.

Joan Edwards

Community Supporter
With nearly $57 million donated to the area, Joan Edwards is Huntington’s very own patron saint.

Best Coffee

Best Coffee
Nearly everyone agreed that the Old Village Roaster in downtown Huntington pours the best cup of java in town.



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