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Mojo Espresso

Service with Style: Espresso Mojo is a Shot of Flavor for Huntington

by Andrea Fekete

Espresso Mojo, a new drive-thru coffee shop located at 2210 Third Avenue, is anything but regular. Espresso Mojo is no sit-down coffee shop, but it offers a creative personality and style springing from the imaginations of its owners, Aaron and Kim Magner.

Whether you'd like a biscotti, an Italian soda, you're on a diet or you're a slave to creamy hot chocolate, you'll find what you need in the morning, or anytime, at Espresso Mojo. In fact, if you're in a rush and need to grab a greeting card or gift basket along with your coffee, Espresso Mojo carries both. If you'd like gourmet coffee service for your next meeting or event, they can take care of that as well.

Drive Thru

When you drive up to the window you'll notice a charming establishment with an eye-catching logo on the side. You'll detect the terrific fragrance of specialty coffees and other treats creeping into your car. Instead of listening to static and talking to a box, you will be greeted face to face as you place your order.

Besides the fun look and feel of the place, the personable people who run it are what make it so unique. If you're a regular visitor of the quaint establishment, the Magners will probably be able to name your usual drink, because they make it their business to know their customers. They don't just run a store. The couple share a vision when it comes to the quality of their products and service and have brought something both trendy and old-fashioned to Huntington.

So, who runs this place? The Magners have been married for close to 10 years and have three small children. Kim Magner is a graduate of Marshall University and like most graduates, moved away from her college town to pursue full time employment. The couple had a comfortable life in Spokane, Washington for many years. So, why did they move to Huntington, W.Va? There was something more they wanted outside of their nine to five lives in Spokane. They wanted challenge, excitement.

A few years ago, they began discussing opening a business and they wanted it to be something unique. The Magners said they wanted to use their creativity and energy in ways they hadn't before. But why drive-thru coffee? Because the Magners have a keen business sense. They noticed there were hundreds of these stands in the Northwest. There drive-thru coffee is a wild success. Kim Magner visited one every morning in Spokane. During a visit to see her family in West Virginia, she was unable to find a drive-thru shop to soothe her specialty coffee craving. That's when the couple decided to begin researching opening one of their own. They discovered they aren't the only ones who love these shops.

"It's a phenomenon sweeping the country. We are a convenience driven society." Aaron said. “With only one already existing in Huntington, the area seemed to be the perfect spot to continue the trend."


Aaron is not only a part-owner of the new venture, he is also the mastermind behind the unique design of the Espresso Mojo drive-thru. Having earned a degree in architecture from the University of Washington, he put his education to work by designing and building the structure that the couple hopes will be the first of many.

"The sky is the limit. There's plenty of room to grow in this region," Aaron said.

They would like to expand in the future, perhaps opening another location in Charleston, but for now they are focusing on their current store in Huntington.

"We want to be the best but it's quality over quantity," Aaron said. It is clear their predictions of success were correct because so far, business seems to be doing quite well. The Magners serve a broad demographic and already have regular customers.

"You'll see a mother, a coach, students, men in suits," Kim said. “It's a very eclectic and diverse group of people." They admit there is room for growth but all signs point to a successful first year.

"We already have regulars who stop in three times a day," Kim said. “We're all about customer service. We tweak our hours based on our customer's needs."

Most importantly, Kim said, is becoming a part of their customer's daily routine. “You have to know their names, their drinks and build a relationship with each of your customers."

So, stop by and ask for a menu. If you only drink soy milk or if you're on a special diet, Espresso Mojo has something you can enjoy.

They not only have espresso, but also offer tea, Italian sodas, fruit smoothies, hot chocolate, apple cider and various breakfast pastries. And don't forget to ask about gourmet coffee service for your next meeting or event.

Espresso Mojo is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Drive by and say hello. You won't be disappointed.


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