The Big Stage

Thank you so much for your article in the last edition of HQ on Michael Cerveris. I have been involved in community theatre here in Huntington for many years. I’ve met some of my best friends there and have done everything from leading roles to “procurement and distribution of souvenirs” (T-shirt sales). I enjoy hearing the stories about people from our area who have made it to the big stage. Mr. Cerveris is living every artist’s dream. The article and photography were outstanding as always. I came away feeling like I know him better. I love your magazine and look forward to it every time. Thanks again... and,oh, if you’re talking to Michael again, I need tickets!

C.E. Wilson
Huntington, WV

Real Courage

I just finished reading the article entitled “Undaunted Courage” in your Autumn 2012 edition. I served 22 years in the United States Army and have seen the horrors of war. What these men were born with is something very few actually possess – courage. Courage is not something that is taught and it is not something that is earned. Instead, it is something that manifests itself without the individual knowing it. These American heroes would tell you that they were just doing their duty and they were, but they did so with “Undaunted Courage.”

Marc Jacobson
Huntington, WV

Pleasant Surprise

It was a pleasant surprise to read the article on Mackenzie-Dow furniture in the latest issue of HQ. It’s nice to see we still “make” something here in Huntington, in this case beautiful handcrafted furniture. I have been admiring their quality work at The Greenbrier shop for several years now. Huntington is lucky to have such a treasure. Mr. Adams if you are reading this - please open a “factory outlet” in Huntington.

Jennifer Ransbottom
Huntington, WV

A True Inspiration

Thanks for Carter Taylor Seaton’s profile of Ruth Sullivan. I have been acquainted with Ruth since the 1970s when I was a student of her late husband Bill. She inspired a life-long appreciation of the challenges autism presents to individuals as well as their families. By example, she also taught me to celebrate individuals as they are and to be encouraged rather than fearful of our differences. One individual with vision and perseverance can effect real change.

Greg Norris
Huntington, WV

Unique Home

Being a long-time Southside resident, it was very interesting to read about the Litton home on 240 North Boulevard in the latest HQ. The architectural uniqueness of the exterior is only topped by the interior design and the home’s rich history. Thanks for a job well done.

Kevin Burton
Huntington, WV

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