What Will My Statue Look Like?

Last Laugh

By Clint McElroy

Clint McElroy

This issue’s article about statues in Huntington is terrific. It impressed me with the beauty of these true works of art and it educated me about the people they honor. And it really gave me cause to ponder: I wonder what MY statue will look like?

I’m fairly sure it’s going to happen. Look at all the things I’ve accomplished in my life:

So, the smart money is on some Clint McElroy statuary in the future. I say “in the future” because, traditionally, the powers-that-be wait until after somebody kicks the bucket before they honor him or her in marble. Since that probably means I won’t be there when my statue is unveiled, I need to use some imagination to picture it. But not just MY imagination. I reached out to some dear, dear friends to give THEIR suggestion for what a statue of good ole Clinton E. McElroy would look like.

In desperation, I turned to Twitter and asked the same question to my followers and got one truly inspired suggestion:

Jack Harding @Xaret 20 Jun 2017

Reading & acting out children’s books while making a silly face. Capture your mirth + the twinkle in your eye as you make others happy.

You know what, Xaret? I can so live with that. Thanks. OK, powers-that-be, it’s time to get to work.

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