Top 20 Photos of Huntington


On a blustery day in winter, our staff was reflecting on the nearly 30-year history of sharing the stories of Huntington. Documenting our hometown for so long, we began to recall some of the best photos we’ve seen and taken throughout the years. This sparked an idea to share the Top 20 Photos of Huntington with our readers. We scoured and searched our files and computers before settling on the following shots. We tried to be inclusive of a diverse range of photos, including different seasons, landmarks and a few spots that make Huntington unique. While there are several iconic, historical photos of our city, we’re saving those for a future issue — so keep your eyes peeled! For now, enjoy these beautiful, eye-catching Top 20 Photos of our beloved city.


Photo 1 – This spectacular image of the 31st Street Bridge spanning the Ohio River was taken with the assistance of a drone. Photo by Rick Lee


Photo 2 – This brilliant photo, titled Tree on Fire, showcases a sugar maple at Ritter Park being illuminated by the sun during peak fall color. Photo by David E. Fattaleh

Fall color – Sugar Maple trees
Ritter Park, Huntington, WV
Cabell Co.








Photo 3 – For this action shot of kids riding a roller coaster at Camden Park, the photographer had to ride backwards in the front car. Photo by David E. Fattaleh


Photo 4 – An old but iconic photo of Marshall University’s Old Main by one of West Virginia’s most acclaimed photographers. Photo by Arnout “Sonny” Hyde Jr.









Photo 5 – Downtown Huntington is illuminated in this evening photo featuring the West Virginia Building with newly-installed LED lights. Photo by Sholten Singer








Photo 6 – The quiet serenity of Ritter Park after a heavy snowfall is captured in this stunning image that parallels the works of Ansel Adams. Photo by Willis W. Cook


Photo 7 – The return of spring is captured in this luminous photo of dogwood trees in full bloom at Ritter Park. Photo by Rick Lee

Photo 8 – The most iconic photo of Huntington was captured from atop a cliff in Ohio. The photographer had to locate a 14-foot tree pruner to cut down a large branch that was blocking the view. Photo by Rick Lee

Photo 9 – The beauty of Marshall Memorial Fountain at dusk. Photo by Rick Lee

Photo 10 – The sky glows red and violet as the sun sets over the Marshall University football stadium. Photo by David E. Fattaleh

Photo 11 – The impressive Gothic Revival architecture of the First United Methodist Church is silhouetted against a blue sky. Photo by Rick Lee

Photo 12 – The fog lifts at Ritter Park as a couple enjoy an early morning walk. Photo by Willis W. Cook

Photo 13 – Christmas lights delight visitors every holiday season at Heritage Farm Museum & Village. Photo by Rick Lee

Photo 14 – Fall color illuminates the Huntington skyline each year from this unique vantage point on McCoy Road. Photo by David E. Fattaleh

Photo 15 – The Cabell County Courthouse is framed in fall color. Photo by Bob Hardwick

Photo 16 –  An American flag waves in the wind as winter comes to Huntington’s Memorial Arch. Photo by Bob Hardwick

Photo 17 – The ornate Spanish Baroque style architecture of the Keith-Albee Theatre is perfectly captured in this photo. Photo by Rick Lee

Photo 18 – One of the many large, impressive homes that line 13th Avenue near Ritter Park is showcased in spring. Photo by Rick Lee

Photo 19 – Fog lifts from the waters of the Ohio River on a lovely autumn morning. Photo by Mark Hayes

Photo 20 – The revitalization of Huntington’s downtown is captured in this early evening photo of Pullman Square. Photo by Rick Lee


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