A new breeze has blown into town

By Jack Houvouras


In 2013, Rich and Katrina Mailloux decided to open a yoga studio in one of the small spaces at Heritage Station in downtown Huntington. They christened their modest endeavor Brown Dog Yoga (BDY) after their beloved family pet, Lucy. BDY was the culmination of their dream to help inspire health and wellness in the community. The studio was an instant hit with clients, compelling the couple to expand into bigger space to accommodate increased demand.

Two years later, the couple caught wind of a new fitness craze that was sweeping the country: indoor cycling. The Maillouxes, who have made fitness a part of their lives since they were teenagers, tried indoor cycling for the first time during a trip to Florida. They were so impressed with the experience that they decided to bring the concept to Huntington in early 2016, and thus, Tailwind Indoor Cycling was born.

Tailwind Indoor Cycling is not a spinning studio. The 45-minute high energy cycling experience utilizes interval drills, including sequences with hand weights, climbs and sprints to tone the entire body. The classes are designed to meet all your fitness needs including physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

The instructors, or ride leaders, at Tailwind are creative directors of an incredible experience on an indoor bike. Their goal is to inspire and empower participants to believe in their true potential. The classes are structured so that riders do not experience burnout, and the workouts are cycled — no pun intended — to offset endurance-riding days with power-riding days.


Music is the driving force at Tailwind. The rides are inspired by a beat-driven pace and the mission is in line with the BDY philosophy — to inspire people to unleash their inner potential in a loving and compassionate way. Students are always welcomed with a smile by instructors who are genuinely committed to guide them through what may very well be the best 30 or 45 minutes of their day.

The motto at Tailwind is, “Embrace the Journey Ahead, Unleash the Power Within.” Instructors set an intention at the beginning of each class that sets the tone for the ride. At the end, there is a cool down and gentle stretch. Classes end with eyes closed and hands at the heart in gratitude for the time shared together.

“I believe that we all have inherent power to create immense change in our lives and the lives of others,” says Rich. “We often can’t do that alone, and that’s where our instructors come in. Whether it’s yoga or cycling, they are here to help improve the quality of life for those seeking better health in our community.”

“We created the Tailwind space as a haven for those seeking to grow stronger, but we did not do it alone,” adds Katrina. “There is no turning back on the momentum we have created. Thanks to our community, life is a beautiful ride.”

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