huntington trivia

1. What Huntington golf legend won the U.S. Amateur in 1964? Show/Hide Answer

Bill Campbell

2. In 1875, Jesse James and what other infamous outlaw reportedly robbed the Bank of Huntington? Show/Hide Answer

Cole Younger

3. He was turned down by nearly every bank in Huntington for a $2,800 loan. Today he is worth millions. Can you name him? Show/Hide Answer

Marshall Reynolds

4. Only four players in the history of MU basketball have been honored by having their number retired. Name these MU greats. Show/Hide Answer

Walt Wallowac, Hal Greer, Russell Lee, John Taft

5. This voluptuous Huntingtonian was television's first blonde bombshell and appeared on the cover of Life magazine in 1951. Show/Hide Answer


6. In 1991, he could be found in New York playing the lead role in Les Miserables. Today, he continues to perform around the country with Marvin Hamlish. Who is this incredible singer? Show/Hide Answer

Mark McVey

7. She got her start in retail at The Princess Shop on Fourth Avenue before becoming the president of The Limited. Show/Hide Answer

Verna Gibson

8. Name the legendary actor who spent several days in Huntington in 1966 preparing for his role in "Cool Hand Luke." Show/Hide Answer

Paul Newman

9. Name the west-end business that was founded in 1891 and turned out "West Virginia Beer" until it closed in the late 1960s. Show/Hide Answer

Fesenmeier Brewery

10. This Douglas High School alumnus became the second black man in history to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard University and founded Black History Month. Can you name him? Show/Hide Answer

Dr. Carter G. Woodson

11. MU's legendary basketball coach Cam Henderson is credited with two of the game's biggest inventions. What are they? Show/Hide Answer

The fast break and the zone defense

12. Her street corner kettle booths were a holiday season fixture. Her tambourine and midnight blue bonnet were her trademark. Name this tireless volunteer for the poor who was known as the "Angel of Huntington." Show/Hide Answer

Stella Fuller

13. This Huntington High School football star went on to become an All-American at Ohio State. You can find his All-American burger on the menu of the restaurant chain he founded. Name the man and the chain. Show/Hide Answer

Alex Schoenbaum; Shoney's

14. This actor, comedian and host of the Academy Awards attended Marshall University and thought Monty's Pizza was simply "maaaaaarvelous." Show/Hide Answer

Billy Crystal

15. MU wide receiver Randy Moss is said to be the greatest all-around athlete in the history of West Virginia. He is accomplished in nearly every sport. But what is the one sport that Moss confesses to being "lousy?" Show/Hide Answer